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Service concept
TANLET enterprise "spirit" forge ahead to create the perfect corporate philosophy, hired a number of domestic technical experts, after long-term unremitting efforts, professional teams playing a wealth of experience in the design, installation, commissioning and validation. For your plant construction concept design, detailed design, process equipment, clean pipeline, automation systems, installation and commissioning, validation and other integrated services. The TANLET company has technical services and field service experience, to provide users with a complete solution for the user needs the project supporting service system, technical support means to safeguard the project is safe, reliable, stable running.

The spirit of the "whole-hearted, full, full-time" service concept, to provide customers with quality products as well as pre-sales, sales and after-sales aspects star service.

TANLET enterprise engineering equipment expert, to provide customers with the best equipment configuration.

Project design:
Once the project is officially confirmed, the engineering department will fully take over. Engineering experts, sales staff and technical manager and production director of small fairs on a regular basis, about every single detail, and attach great importance to customer feedback, allowing customers to participate in decision-making, handling customer views as important customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the best solution. File audited after the parties responsible signature confirmation into the manufacturing and site construction.

Site installation and commissioning:
The TANLET enterprise technology services and installation engineering team arrived on the scene the customer-specified locations on-site installation and commissioning, and free user training operators.

Technical Training:
The TANLET enterprise free for personnel involved in the operation of the training as well as technical advice.

After service:
After the warranty period, the equipment will be life-long maintenance. Such as equipment failure, we only charge the corresponding parts costs, shipping costs, travel expenses;

Each customer will be the establishment of specialized maintenance files and numbered. Warranty, maintenance records, document tracking, registration, and can be used for queries, tracking and oversight solve the problem of the whole process.

Accessories suppliers:
ERP system accessories warehouse to customers in urgent need of various types with an efficient and accurate manner.