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Rotary type residue discharging door

The equipment used in pharmaceutical, biological, drink shake, food, chemical and other industries plants, animals, and pressurized water to cook, warm dip, heat reflux, forced circulation, infiltration Dan, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recycling process operations, particularly the use of dynamic extraction better, time is short, high liquid content.

Rotary type residue discharging door
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Another selection of liquid discharging in the extracting tank

1. Real time control management of process status.
2. Process setting make processed control be more perfect.
3. Simple and easy applicaion interface for operation.
4. Process parameter is detected in-place, showed real time and saved as a file.
5. Real time analyse in-place and solve the problem in-place and history referred.
6. Strengthen management of production data,  ensure the production quality.

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